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Is the Jomon culture of Hokkaido different from the Jomon culture in Honshu and southward?
Learn about the more than 10,000 years of life and spiritual culture of the Jomon people in the northern lands through a virtual tour of Hokkaido’s Jomon archeological sites and 3D images of excavated artifacts.

Visit Jomon ruins

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Hokkaido is vast. There are many ruins in addition to the ones registered as world heritage sites. There are also museums where you can observe and experience.
The unique feature of Jomon culture in Hokkaido is that the culture differs by the region in Hokkaido: southern Hokkaido close to Honshu, eastern Hokkaido close to Sakhalin and northern territories, and central Hokkaido between these two.
Let’s visit Jomon ruins in various places of Hokkaido.

Enjoying the Jomon

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Hokkaido is surrounded by three seas — the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, and the Sea of Okhotsk — and boasts a mountain range up to 2,000 meters high in its center. The Jomon archeological sites in Hokkaido have revealed traces of people who experienced bounties of nature that we might envy today.
After learning about and traveling through the Northern Jomon, experience the bounties of Hokkaido.

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The Jomon period lasted for 10,000 years in the changing nature of Hokkaido. Nature still supports our lives in the present day, and
ruins and cultural heritage teach us about the past. Let’s pass these on to the future generation and preserve them.